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A little fun with HRC Bibs

So I’ve just signed up for my second HRC virtual race, the S.P.E.W.10k, and while I was looking for my Bib, I thought to have some fun looking at other peoples preferred race number and name.

First of all, if You have no idea, what HRC is, check out my previous posts about the organization itself and about my first virtual race.

Although I plan to become a perfect prefect this year, I was not too eager to sign up for the Mad-eyed Moody 5k, as I didn’t really like the medal. That was not the case, however, for the second race of this year,  the S.P.E.W. 10k.  The theme and the medal seemed really nice, so I’ve decided to enroll, and thanks to an amazing Ravenclaw witch, I can stash up my medals for the year, and ship them all at once in December.

So I'll only get my hands on the medal at the end of the year, but I could download my bib (see above) from the website. While doing so, my eyes have caught a few nice bibs from other people. Then I decided to go through a couple of them, and see what I find. Although I managed to cover only a small portion, I have to say, I’m not disappointed.

So after all this, let me show You what I’ve found:

Let's start with those, who wanted to relate to Dobby and the S.P.E.W. movement. There were plenty of those, so let's just show some of the examples:

Also, a lot of people mentioned socks in their bib, some of the notable examples are:
Not everybody was so supportive though...
But many identified themselves as a free elf:
Time to note, that 1998 is supposed to be the year, when Dobby died, thus, this is a frequent pattern in the bibs.

There were other Harry Potter or HRC related names as well, such as:
Some expressed their interest in other movies:

Despite all efforts, it seems, that oppression can be found everywhere:
I'm glad they did!

An now let's have a comment on a few outstanding ones:
Definitely one of the best ways to celebrate. Kudos, Megan!
You absolutely do!
See? They are real, and like running.
The only bib with 0 I've seen, but this guy is the ultimate winner of the "I don't give a damn" prize:

Let's get back on track with some flirty ones:
Hi there, Elissa :-)
You lucky bastard...
Hello Annabelle, it's me, I was wondering if after all these years You would like to meet...
I'm sorry to disappoint, but She is free and running.
Dear Acacia, please enlighten me, how is the alliance between the Visigoths and the Roman empire related to the freedom of house elves?
Or is it Pelagianism?
Heather, I believe that this can be considered as cheating... (But please turn CM on anyway.)
Congrats, Leslie, way more, than 10k. The half marathon is just a tad bit further!

But Nicole, what about the secret identity?!

That's all, I hope You enjoyed my selection. As I said, I could only go through a small portion of bibs, so if You see a good one I missed, let me know about it in the comments.

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