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The lack of a proper logo for the blog has been bothering me for a while now. As a temporary hot-fix, I've set one of my finisher photos as a profile picture on all of my social media accounts. But finally, the time has come, and I've asked my designer friend, Mate Fekecs to come up with something, that resembles me and my attitude towards running.  Here is the result:

I think, that Mate did an amazing job. The first version I got from him was this one:
I really loved the style, however, I had two small requests with the colors (as You can tell by the final version):

  • I love running most in the nature, and the background could somehow reflect that, maybe with a greenish color
  • VeszpRUN, my old running club is really important for me, and the "official color" for our team shirts is orange, so it would be nice to have that on the logo too
Based on these, I made a rough sketch with my (undoubtedly untalented) designer skills:

Then, I asked Mate to adjust the colors, shadows, and whatnot, and that's how the final version above came to be. I'm really happy with the results, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Mate if You have a similar job in mind. You can check out some of His awesome designs here.

And as always: Thanks for reading! Sharing, comments and +1s are always appreciated. You can follow the blog on Google+Twitter, and Facebook. The embedded videos (and others) are collected in the RunnerMate playlist on youtube, and quick running related photos are shared on my Instagram.


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Thanks, I'm glad You liked it :-)