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Everything started two and a half years ago, when  I decided to register for my first triathlon race. As I was not biking a lot at the time, I decided to buy a stationary bike, and follow this rule: 

"Watching the new episodes of series is only allowed while riding the stationary bike."

That worked pretty well, as I managed to get a lot of kilometers done. Since then I often combined everyday tasks with cycling, like reading a book or grading tests. I was thinking about having a specialized desk for myself, where I can comfortably do stuff on my computer while cycling or walking. There are plenty of products (E.g.: Treaddesk, BikeDesks) to by on the internet and even some DIY tutorials

When I moved to my new place, I asked my father to make a desk for me that I can use with my stationary bike. (Yep, the same father, who made my medal hanger). He came up with This beauty: 

So basically I do everything on my computer, while biking. Like writing this post. I can ride it also while grading tests, reading printed papers, or having a dinner for example. Obviously, I set it to an easy level, and do it comfortably like 20-25 km/h at most. If I had enough of that, or I'm too tired, I can simply sit down on my couch, or just shift the bike away and lower the desk:

Making the change only takes a minute or so, and it is pretty smooth, so I don't even need to clear the table. Speaking of which, it is a 110 cm x 76 cm desk with a small rim on all edges except the one facing me to avoid accidentally pushing something off. So the space I have is huge, and enough for pretty much everything.

Despite its single leg design, the desk itself is pretty massive. While getting on my bike, I can lean on it without any problem.  Additional benefits of the design: if I were to move again, this can easily be disassembled and transported. An unplanned bonus: it is a perfect place to hang my wet shirts after washing them. (And they are not in the way for cycling at all.)

And finally, some numbers. The distance I rode has significantly increased of course, as it is obvious from my RunKeeper report: I've just passed 1000 km for November, and burned 37,500 calories :-) (According to RK)

So, do You like the idea of exercising while doing some work or other things? I've just covered 40.2 km while working on this post :-)

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Well, the idea is not original, but yeah, my father is awesome :-)

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Looks so much better after, amazing Thanks for your job