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Quick tinder survey at a running gala

So I'm now participating at a two-day running gala in the beautiful city of Siófok. After having a long shower and filling my stomach with a nice pizza, I started chatting with several friends on facebook, who are actually runners Long story short: I came to an idea of having a quick survey of runner ladies on tinder. 

Tinder could be the subject of many debates, but despite ones opinion, it is absolutely sure, that it can be used as a platform of many interesting social surveys. The idea of today was the following: there were quite a few runners here during the day:

Although, many of them won't stay here for the night, or won't even come back for the half marathon tomorrow, the hotels seemed to be pretty crowded when I was looking for a place to crash. (And November is not part of the tourist season here.) So, there must be a lot of runners spending the night in Siófok. 

So I was wondering: if I were to register to tinder, and search in a 14 km radius, what percent of the girls would indicate running in their profile? Since there is only one way to find that out, this is exactly what I did. A female running friend helped me to pick 6 photos (not that they matter for us, but still, if we do something, let's do it properly!), and I've launched my profile:

So, what was the method exactly? These are the scientifically precise specifications:
  • search radius:14 km
  • gender: female
  • age: the most relaxed setting: 18-55+
I was checking sport related information in:
  • Photos
  • Descriptions
  • Mutual interests


Altogether there were 66 ladies in my area, which is pretty low, I can hardly believe this is true, but that's it, so my sample set was rather small.


There were 6 sports represented in all of the photos of those ladies. Running was the most pupular with 4 profiles having a race photo or something like that. Snowboarding came second with 2 ladies, and fitness, football, cycling came as third. 


Running wasn't even mentioned in any of those profiles! General "sport" was mentioned 3 times, and hiking, fitness, football, snowboard, squash were mentioned by only one user. (most of them by the same one).

Mutual interests

This is based on the liked pages and whatnot on facebook. As You can see on the picture above, I've plenty of them, and just from the first page on the screenshot 11 items are related to running (famous runners, running stores, races, bloggers, etc.). I was pretty hopeful with this one, as I can imagine, that a sweaty running picture with tousled hair is not something girls  want on their dating profile. However, interests are automatically taken from facebook, so that should be free from this bias. But the results proved me wrong... There were two girls who liked the page of the company organizing this festival. A half marathon race, a fun run, and famous hungarian ultra-runner got 1-1 like each. And that's all.


To be honest, I expected a lot more users, and a lot more of them running. But these are the sad numbers. Should I be disappointed? Probably not, as there are plenty of gorgeous ladies to meet tomorrow on the race irl. So let me properly say goodbye with a photo taken with one of them today after getting our bibs.

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November 28, 2017 at 1:05 PM delete

It looks like the survey went really well. I love how the people cooperated so easily. Looking forward to the next survey you guys are going to do.