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The layout and style of the blog has changed plenty of times already, but I'm kind of satisfied with the current one. There are, however, small changes, which may have caught Your attention. The most recent one is a new Instagram widget on the right.

Social media is a tricky thing, it is not so obvious to decide, which one to use and for what end. At the end of my posts You could always see links to Facebook, twitter, google+ already. You could ask, why those were not enough? Why do I even need those?

When I started this blog, I was not planning to use any other platforms, only Google+, as Blogger itself belongs to the family of Google services. But, as You probably know, there are less active users in Google+ than polar bears in the Sahara. Thus I needed a platform, where my readers can easily get notified about new posts. Thus I've created a Facebook page and a simple Twitter account. Was it worth it? In case of Facebook, the answer is definitely yes, most of my audience comes from there. Twitter not so much, but I have a few followers there, and it doesn't really require any maintenance, so it is ok.

Now Instagram,why? Well, You probably realized, that sometimes there are few months between two posts. The reason for that is not that nothing happens with me, that could be interesting from the runners point of view. I have however a very limited time to spend on my blog. I think I have now materials for 10 or so posts, videos,but no time to sit down and edit/write them. In some situations, however, a single uncommented photo could be interesting or fun as well,until the full featured blogpost comes along. Instagram will fulfill that purpose.

Anyhow, let me summarize:

Blog - runnermate.eu

The full featured, long blogposts appear there, as well as some short updates. All posts here are shared on Twitter, Facebook,Google+.

Twitter - Runner_Mate, and Google+ - RunnerMate

The posts from the blog are shared here, no other content, basically just a place to subscribe to posts, and ask questions, etc.

Youtube - RunnerMate playlist

The videos that are included in the posts are in this playlist. Some other running related content may also appear here, that was not included (yet) in any of the blogposts. If you like short montage videos about running in nice places, hit subscribe.

Instagram - runnermate.eu

As mentioned before, here I will just share a quick photo if I'm running at a nice place or I find anything running related, that is not worth a whole post (yet). The photos here will be shared on the Facebook page as well.

Facebook page - RunnerMate

Blogposts and Instagram photos are shared here, as well, as the new Youtube videos. So if You follow this page alone, You will not miss any content. 

That's it. It is a bit complicated, definitely a bit overkill for this size of audience, but we will see, how all this works out. Have a nice day!

And as always: Thanks for reading! Sharing, comments and +1s are always appreciated. You can follow the blog on Google+Twitter, and Facebook. The embedded videos (and others) are collected in the RunnerMate playlist on youtube, and quick running related photos are shared on my Instagram.


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I think this one looks really amazing. The site looks simple and clean. All of the previous designs and layouts were good to but this one is the best so far.

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