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Ten points to HRC

The House Cup of the Hogwarts Running Club is a ton of fun, as I have already mentioned in my previous post. The Headmistresses of HRC publish a "Miles Monday" post at the beginning of each week about the current state of the "competition". Following up on a crazy idea, I scrolled back on the page until the 11th of July, when the whole thing started. I have put all of the data into a spreadsheet to make some charts, hope You will find them interesting!


So first of all, here is the raw data if You want to do some calculations / charts by Yourself:

And then, let's see the charts! Though I'm not a master of them, so they won't be so shiny and  shway.

Cumulative mileage

This is the simplest and most important thing from the charity point of view.

So far, the 2790 members of HRC collected a total amount of 154732 miles. Depending on how much of this was cycling, and how much was walking or running,  this could amount to roughly 15-37 thousand dollars for charities! Anyhow, it is obvious that Gryffindor is dominating from the start, and the order remained basically the same since the 3rd week or so: the Lions are followed by the Ravens, Badgers and then the Snakes. Last but not least come the proud members Faculty staff, who seem to be lazy professors sitting behind desks drinking Butterbeer all day, but this is not the case, as it will be evident from the next charts.


Unlike in the movies, the tables in the great hall are not equally long, According to the latest data, this is how it would look like from above:

Each little box represents 10 people on Charity Miles. By far, Gryffindor is the most popular, they have more than twice as many members as Slytherin. Considering the storyline of the books/movies, this was to be expected. Rather surprisingly, Ravenclaw is significantly more popular than Hufflepuff, Wrackspurts beat the sparkling vampires.

At this point, I'd like to ask our beloved Headmistresses to send an owl to the ministry as we at the Faculty are overloaded! I know, that we have a lot of Perfect Prefects, but still, there are 100 students for each staff member!

Average miles per person

To avoid this type of imbalance, each weak the average mileage per member is calculated. Obviously, this one can easily decrease as well, by having recently joined members. Here it is, how it changed over the weeks:

As it can be seen, the houses are really running neck-and-neck to each other. Currently, Slytherin is leading with 61.76 miles/person. The competition for the second place is really tight between Ravenclow (57.95 miles/person) and Hufflepuff (57.44 miles/person). The most popular house is slightly behind with 53.68 miles/person.

As teachers and other staff members, we believe, that we have to show a good example to pupils, so that's what we do.

Just an idea

Dividing the cumulative mileage by the number of members is nice, but unfortunately, CM does not include historical data. Thus, if a new member joins on the last week, He/She is regarded with the same weight as those members, who are collecting the miles from the beginning. So basically, if 1000 new Slytherin members would sign up, they would ruin the average mileage of that house. So, purely out of curiosity,  I investigated an other indicator: Each week, I divided the collected mileage by the number of members of that specific week. Thus a member is not affecting the miles gained before joining to the house. The chart below shows the average miles per person in a week for each teams:

There are several things to be noted. First of all, teachers rock! Secondly, the lines are slightly leaning downwards, which means, that the people are getting a bit less active by time. This is probably due to the fact that the schoolyear started, the temperature is getting colder, etc.

Thirdly, if we take the average of the weeks, Faculty is not surprisingly still on the top with 11.6 miles/person/week in average. Among the houses, Ravenclaw is winning with 7.84, followed by Hufflepuff and Slytherin close to each other with 7.77 and 7.72 miles/person/week, respectively.
Obviously, the order will be the same if we take the cumulative average miles, but anyway, here it is:

Unfortunately, the houses are really neck-on-neck to each other, so this one does not show much. Still Ravenclaw gains the first position, which means, that Although the simple average of Slytherin is better, it is only due to the fact, that Ravenclaw has more newer members, who could contribute less. To make this more visible, for the last chart, I divided this cumulative values by the number of the weeks passed, to get the actual normalized weekly average amount of miles per person:

I hope You enjoyed playing around with the numbers, I'll do something similar when the competition ends. Let me know in the comments if I made a mistake somewhere.

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