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I've just cashed out $480 for exercising!

More than a year ago I wrote a post on the “Beyond the miles” blog about how one can earn real money by running / cycling / etc. I've been using Pact (formerly GymPact), FitCrown, and AchieveMint for over two years now, and recently I've decided to check out the money I've earned this time.

On this occasion I thought, I'll summarize my experiences, so here they are. If You don't know, how these applications work, I suggest You to quickly scroll through my previous post first.

$222.22 from Pact

Pact provides a pretty stable income if You meet Your end of the bargain. The daily rewards for the gym pact are slowly decreasing, but it is still a bit above 20 cents for a day. I usually sign up for 5 or 6 day, so this basically means around $1 each week. Since I am a vegetarian, it was rather obvious to sign up for the veggie pacts too. A decent photo of Your veggie snack amounts to 5 to 9 cents in average. Having a pact for 15 photos a week (which is doable in 3 days the worst case) can provide an additional 1-1.5 bucks for a week.

So, it is usually around 2-2.5 dollars I earned a week with Pact. At one or two occasions I didn't meet my pacts due to busy workweeks and so, which cost me $5 for each missed day and photo. Altogether I think I've only lost $15, which I re-earned in a month or two. The withdrawal itself was plain and simple, the money arrived shortly to my Paypal account. The only downside is the cumbersome authorization of Paypal / credit card, that I didn't find quite consistent, and it immediately adds me a bonus week, that was unnecessary. But, despite this minor issue, Pact is working fine, and I have to mention and their friendly support.

$160 from FitCrown

FitCrown is the smallest fish among these three, I'd say there are about 20-30 active users of the page, but they are rather enthusiastic. Jason (the owner of the page) tried different configurations for the 28 day challenges over the 1.5 years I've been there. Not so recently the cumulative time and calorie challenges were also introduced and they had a nice reception. The challenges usually need a $20 deposit, which is guaranteed to get back in case of meeting the goals, that usually happens for most of the contestants, so having no additional reward is not so rare. But anyhow, before my withdrawal my balance was $244.37 from which $80 is my initial deposit. So I still have around 80 bucks left, that is needed for enrolling in new challenges.

The site works just fine, as it should, I had no problems with syncing or anything over the years. People are friendly and supporting, so I highly motivate everybody to go and participate. From the financial point, however, be prepared, that the rewards are fluctuating a lot compared to Pact, so maybe You won't win anything (above being proud of success) for 2 months, and then have a $15 bonus suddenly. Withdrawal is smooth and fast, just as it is in the case of Pact, but You have to pay the 80 cent transaction fee. In exchange You get a friendly message from Jason as a bonus :-)

$100 from AchieveMint

Achievemint differs a lot from the other two in its main philosophy: rewards are supported by sponsors, not other (unlucky or lazy) users. There is no fear of losing money, You just wait until You slowly accumulate 25000, 50000, or 100000 points. After the latter one, You can not raise anymore, the site issues You a $100 bill, and thats it, end of story. There is not much to write about Achievemint, the points are slowly increasing in the background, and once You receive a nice message of being victorious. Calculating the points are somewhat still a mystery for me, but I don't care that much, since there is no way to re-enter for an other round, so being quicker does not mean a big difference. For me, it took 1.5 years to get my hands on that $100. (I'm still waiting for the money, but it is promised to come this month)

What should I use the money for?!

So the only question that remains is, what I should use the money for?! I originally planned to buy a new pair of decent running shoes, as my Asics has already a lot of kilometers in it, but I won a 300000 FUF voucher in may on a marathon, so I have a Mizuno Wave Resolute on the way. Now I'm thinking on a Garmin Forerunner or a simple mountain bike.

So, on what did You or would You spend those sweat-earned money? Let me know in the comments!

And as always: thanks for reading, +1s and shares are appreciated.

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