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Checked luggage like a boss!

So today I flew to Oujda (Morocco), where I'll be spending two months. My baggage is usually far from the weight limit, but today I managed to make it 19.5 kg, so pretty close to the allowed 20 kg. The reason for that is best illustrated by the photo below (that shows around 4/5 of my whole luggage. Yep, I've brought some normal stuff with myself too).

So basically:
  • a Rollerblade skate
  • 3 x 2-item protective gear (palm, knee and elbow)
  • (bike-) helmet, that will be used for skating too
  • my old Asics GT 1000 running shoes
  • RP Outdoor 1l running backpack
  • running/cycling/skating shirts and shorts, compression and other sport socks
  • swimming gear (cap, glasses, trunks)
  • 2 x 494g Biotech USA Nitro Pure Whey protein + shaker
  • Biotech USA Vitamin complex, Vitamin D, Coral Ca/Mg

Everything ready to collect a serious amount of miles in the house cup for the Faculty Lounge of the Hogwarts Running Club!

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