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The money I spent on running in 2015

Running is said to be cheap. "You just need a pair of shoes, and You are good to go!"  Having said that, I am sure, that many of You runners have already spent a little fortune on running related stuff. It is true, that to start running, one does not need serious investments (though good shoes are highly advised), but later on the expenses tend to grow. In this short post I try to review how much money I've spent on shoes, races, etc in 2015. Just to horrify myself with the sum at the end.

So, before we go into the details, let's collect all the things that will be considered in this small financial report.
  • Gear: Shoes, shorts, T-shirts, compression socks, caps, etc...  I consider everything that I wear and has nothing to do with electricity.
  • Gadgets: Watches, lamps, and I also include software fees.
  • Races:  Race registration fees, travel costs, and accommodation if it was needed. 
I have not counted the sport specific consumables I've purchased during last year (gels, isotonic drinks, etc.). It would have been pretty difficult to recover all these and to be honest, they don't make up to a big sum in my case. 

So, let's begin.


Well,  by the time 2015 started, I already had all of the clothing I needed. I have a few shorts, and since I attend to races, there is an "endless supply" of shirts. But I've spent $120 on my new Saucony Guide 8 shoes, and another $10 at a stretchy belt for my phone. So, subtotal is $130. 


For years now I am subscribed to the "RunKeeper Elite", now rebranded as "RunKeeper GO".  Since I started a couple of years back, I still get this for only $20. 

In December I purchased a used Garmin Fenix 2 watch, that was reaaaaally expensive compared to my Pebble. It cost me around $215, and since it uploads all my data to Garmin Connect, so I spent another $5 supporting tapiirik for syncing between places. 

So, subtotal for gadgets is $240.


In 2015 I've attended to the following races: 
  • 14th of February: Rocky Balboa run - free of charge fun run, travel was covered by my friend
  • 4th of April: Tóparti futóparti - another fun run for free, travel was again covered by a friend
  • 19th of April: Vivicitta Half Marathon in Budapest - $17 registration fee*, plus around $20 for travel costs.
  • 2nd of May: Várfürdő Marathon in Gyula - $25 registration fee, plus $44 for travel
  • 15th of November: Balaton Marathon and Half Marathon - the two races together were around $30*, and I traveled with a friend again. 
  • 6th of December: II. Rossmann Santa Run in Budapest - $7 for registration* and $20 for travel

Please note, that I'm a "running ambassador" of BSI, the organization that organizes the starred races, and thus I got a discount on the registration fee. I also ran on several (around 4) organized hiking events, the total fee for registration was around $30, and travel costs was minor, as all of them were nearby, so just add another $20.

Here I omitted my most expensive race ever, the Balatonman - Füred triathlon competition. The early bird registration fee itself was around $150. However, it was a not a running event only, and also, I payed that still in 2014.

So the subtotal is around $110 for registration and around $100 for travel costs.

Let's summarize...

I've spent around $130 on gears, $240 on gadgets, $110 on race registrations and $100 on travel, adding up to a total of around 600 USD, that is roughly the average monthly net salary in Hungary. 

Was it worth it?

I think it was. I'm really satisfied with my watch, that I plan to use for many years. I'm not sure about the RunKeeper subscription though. Also, I definitely need a new shoe at least once a year, as I run around 2000k annually. Looking at the races, it is surprising even for me, how much I spend on the travels alone. I plan to reduce that by going to races on bike, etc. 

So, what are the numbers for You? Let me know in the comments. 

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